How To Azure RDP | New Trick 2021 | Step By Step Guide

For the record, I don’t know what it is you will use for, but I think it will work for 7 days. You can make unlimited access.

Follow the steps and get yourself a RDP


Read step by step: -

  1. Go to the cloud academy website and register for a free trial with
    Cart: 5491844
  2. He will ask several questions and give the following answer:
  • What are you trying to achieve: get certified
  • Which best describes your role; Developer
    Topics you are interested in: Azure, Aws, GoogleCloud
  1. Then, after registering, confirm your email. (Important)
  2. Next, on the cloud academy dashboard, search for “Login to Amazon Web Services Console” and from the side menu select “Practice Lab”, select a course, and you can select any course that includes an Azure workbench.
  3. Then click Start Lab.
  4. Then the username and password are displayed ???.
  5. Use them to login to
  6. BOOM? you got an azure subscription.



Doesn’t work. Validation error

it ask for credit card

you can use a fake card generator it will work because it is a free trial

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Try Different Hands on Lab Courses. Ex - Exploiting Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Services - 40Mins. Only few Courses will work.


Thank you very much. it worked.

It’s really working?? are there any limitations? I have been thinking about creating a gaming rig on azure

the lab have a 40 minute limitation and this is not azure. this is an rdp from the website itself. there are other labs that provide azure but when you are in the azure dashboard you wont be able to make a virtual machine

It is working perfectly.
But I want to do crypto mining in that
Can anyone teach me how to do that.