How to avoid host suspend account?

My problem always with host service i always change hosting provider from one to another

to be honest in some topics i violet copyright but i’m using third party links for download softwares and this is main reason to suspend my account in the same time you can find the same content on other websites without getting get suspend by their host

Are there any solution to create a website without affraid to get down from host provider

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Oh Thank you man
i think this is the keyword that i search, Please can you suggest for any good offshore host ?

Here is a good recommendation list… I’ve been using njalla, flokinet and webcare360 for a few years now. Never had any issues… As long as you don’t host anything with any of those providers that violates their terms you will be good. Read the terms first.

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there are no problems with google adsense on offshore host

No. You are good to go.