How To Avoid Getting Blacklisted On Amazon

Here’s a non-exhaustive list, but It will suffice your needs. Apply what’s relevant to your environment.

  • Change of full name (family & given name)
  • Change of date of birth (where applicable)
  • Change of full residential address. If need be, use a drop
  • Change of email address (no need to explain this!)
  • Change of phone number (new SIM on a fake account or a Burner service)
  • Navigate via a VPN (NordVPN, IPVanish, ExpressVPN will suffice)
  • Use a different device (one that was NEVER used with previous accounts)
  • Change your MAC address (this free tool does an excellent job).
  • Use a VCC- Virtual Credit Card
  • Use a GC- Gift Card (an alternative to a virtual credit card)
  • Use a different password (nothing similar to the old account)
  • Navigate via a private search engine (prevent your online behavior being tracked)
  • Use a private browser (self-explanatory)

Happy learning!