How To AI Voice Over To Your Videos | Human Sounds

Get your script ready and don’t worry about voice-over, let AI doing your voice-over

you can choose voices, speed, pitch, gender ( male or female voice )

it sound very human !

it is paid, this method how to get it free.

1- First signup at

2- Then choose the suitable voice.

3- Write or paste script .

4- Test the voice.

5- You can’t export sound since you are in free-plan.

6- Setup screen-recorder extension, you can use THIS or choose whatever you want.

7- Record the voice,

8- Done.


This is a great share buddy. Hope it helps in YouTube video editing.

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Thanks for sharing :+1:

Great it works, thank you

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This is so brilliant thank you sooooooo much

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friend, try to post correct information about it.

first: you can’t use almost anything, in the free version, it has only 10 minutes generated and that’s it, it’s over, you have to pay, otherwise you can’t use it, 2 spoken articles and the test is over.

second: the site only accepts email from gmail, i tried to use email for a while and none works for signup, even if it works for recording voice, there is no advantage.

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Hi @WhiteHat
Thank you for sharing, also this method can be used with others stuff

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