How To Activate Office 2019 [Easy Method No Crack No Program]

Feel like, I was living in the dark ages till now (Off13), but thanks to you @SaM now I am also the Off19pro+ user. Hats off to you!

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It works! I was able to upgrade from 2016 to 2019 and activate through this method.
What an amazing share!


Thanks mate works just fine

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can’t update as it tells it does not match version requirement but i have 2019 office installed what should i do ??

it very nice share


thanks sam


Works like a charm.


Thanks. It works like a charm. :heart: :heart:

Should I delete the .cmd file after Activation?

WIndows defender block this Activator.cmd File as threat .

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not working any idea ? when i save the antivirus fond and delete this file

Exclude it. that’s all.

i run that file after that check ms word same ask product key nothing happen

mate, follow the instruction properly, some that not working for you only doesn’t mean it’s not working for others, many took advantage already. probably, your AV keep playing with it or registry messing with it. anyways, try any of this one.

Activate Windows + Windows Pro Editions + Server + Office [No Program No Crack]

else, you this to do it in a single click: [SOLVED] Your Windows license will expire soon how to fix?

have fun

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Thanks. worked for me. Had to uninstall my version and use 2019.

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I seem to be having some issue with the activation; I get this following error
'An error occurred while making the connection. ERROR CODE = -2147217406
What should I do to resolve this?
I disabled my AV, and firewall as well (temporarily) and still nothing. I am running this with admin btw.


Thank you very much @SaM

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@SaM thank you bro, :grinning: :grinning:

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Thanks! Worked perfectly!

Still working. Thanks!

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:clap: :clap: amazing…

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