How To Activate Latest Version WinZip Pro {No Software Needed}

  1. Download and Install Winzip Pro as trial.

  2. Create a text file named: WinZip.sureg

  3. Paste the following lines into newly created text file:

WinZip210_Name= WinZIP
WinZip210_Code= AJ8VU-480MF-G7HTA-4TM69-VUVMY-V14J3
  1. Save and Close

  2. Copy the file and paste into installation directory, typically: CTonguerogramData/WinZip

  3. WinZip.sureg will already exist within directory, just leave as is. the new file you are pasting into the directory is a text to where the other is a sureg file and seems to be a protected file as I can not seem to edit. Either way this method will work.

  4. Open Win Zip and register the software using the same credentials as above.

Name= WinZIP
Code= AJ8VU-480MF-G7HTA-4TM69-VUVMY-V14J3

Works like a charm! Fully Licensed and activated WinZip Pro.



omg is working , thank you so much !!!