How to access a region-locked site for just about anything like games, software and much more

Hi guys I just want to share how to access An Iranian site that has just about anything you could imagine software, games movies, etc. It is region locked so you won’t be able to access it normally but if you follow my guide below you can!.

Step1. visit this site and grab a proxy IP and port:
Step 2. open windows settings >proxy and enable manual proxy
Step 3.paste IP address and port into fields and hit save.

now open and you should be able to access it.

If it doesn’t work, try a different proxy server.
This method can be used to access any region-locked site by finding proxy servers for that region and following the above steps.



Google translate can’t translate this website, any solutions?.

It can translate it for me. but if you need help with anything Ask someIranian :wink:

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Google translate works for me.

Thanks for sharing, i was waiting for this…

speed is very very slow and can’t download file.

Choose a different proxy from the list and try. You will find one that loads fast