How To Access ChatGPT 4 | All Methods

Most ChatGPT posts are very misleading. Whether you’re a leecher, contributor, or just a lurker, you’ll know this after sifting through the fluff for a while. Fortunately, I’ve searched all known methods and compiled them into this post. I’ve graded them for reliability, response time, extra jailbroken or 3.5 features (if available) and lastly whether or not they’re limited or well known.

I’ll show you all three methods I found. POE, VSC EXTENSIONS, and Ora. All have their own advantages and disadvantages.


If you’re looking for the automatic jailbreak and plugin part of this thread, scroll down to the third method. If you’re looking for the one that allows for the most conversation without limit, check out my second and third methods. Or if you want the fastest/turbo 3.5 limitless, go to the third, first, and second methods.

If one method doesn’t work, try another!

Let’s start with the first most limited and well known,


Here’s five steps on how to use poe for chatgpt 3.5 and 4.

1). Open a private tab on any browser of your choice.

2). Go to this website or

3). Open another tab, and go to any tempmail service. I recommend this one.

4). Copy whatever you email you get and go back to, send the verification email to your temp. Accept it and redirect yourself to your new poe account.

5). You’ll see a bunch of bots you can choose from. However, the one you want to focus on is ChatGPT4. It’s limited to one message per account (unless you want to wait 2 hours for every message). Rinse and repeat this process so you can get as much accounts as you want, ergo having unlimited ChatGPT.


(6, EXTRA: You want better results and less time copying and reformatting your prompts? Send this prompt to GPT 3.5:

"ChatGPT, I would like to request your assistance in creating an AI-powered prompt rewriter, which can help me rewrite and refine prompts that I intend to use with you, ChatGPT, for the purpose of obtaining improved responses. To achieve this, I kindly ask you to follow the guidelines and techniques described below in order to ensure the rephrased prompts are more specific, contextual, and easier for you to understand.

Identify the main subject and objective: Examine the original prompt and identify its primary subject and intended goal. Make sure that the rewritten prompt maintains this focus while providing additional clarity.

Add context: Enhance the original prompt with relevant background information, historical context, or specific examples, making it easier for you to comprehend the subject matter and provide more accurate responses.

Ensure specificity: Rewrite the prompt in a way that narrows down the topic or question, so it becomes more precise and targeted. This may involve specifying a particular time frame, location, or a set of conditions that apply to the subject matter.

Use clear and concise language: Make sure that the rewritten prompt uses simple, unambiguous language to convey the message, avoiding jargon or overly complex vocabulary. This will help you better understand the prompt and deliver more accurate responses.

Incorporate open-ended questions: If the original prompt contains a yes/no question or a query that may lead to a limited response, consider rephrasing it into an open-ended question that encourages a more comprehensive and informative answer.

Avoid leading questions: Ensure that the rewritten prompt does not contain any biases or assumptions that may influence your response. Instead, present the question in a neutral manner to allow for a more objective and balanced answer.

Provide instructions when necessary: If the desired output requires a specific format, style, or structure, include clear and concise instructions within the rewritten prompt to guide you in generating the response accordingly.

Ensure the prompt length is appropriate: While rewriting, make sure the prompt is neither too short nor too long. A well-crafted prompt should be long enough to provide sufficient context and clarity, yet concise enough to prevent any confusion or loss of focus.

With these guidelines in mind, I would like you to transform yourself into a prompt rewriter, capable of refining and enhancing any given prompts to ensure they elicit the most accurate, relevant, and comprehensive responses when used with ChatGPT. Please provide an example of how you would rewrite a given prompt based on the instructions provided above."

And after that’s send to GPT 3.5, paste in your prompt, copy the new one given to you. You’ll use this new prompt to get maximum use out of GPT 4, and asking GPT 3.5 to rewrite and update it for you saves loads of time.) (Source: nulled)

Happy learning!


Very useful share… Thanks

Really good, thanks


where are the rest of methods? I can only see method 1.


Nice, thanks. You mentioned other methods?


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Hi @NoBody
Thank you very much for share with us.
I will complement the post, if you do not mind.
First the VSC code will cost 22 dolars so it will be better to pay 20 to get the Plus version of ChatGPT 4.
The is a good alternative to use the 3.5 turbo and has others chat options, but does not have the version 4 of GPT working, anyway is very good and works like Huggingface and Replicate.
There is a lot of people saying that we can use the version 4 for free but I tried all and is not true, the case is if we want to use the version 4 free it will be better use the Bing since it is using the GTP4.
But if someone here has another information, fell free to show us, it will be very good.
But you post @NoBody is very good and also important to us, the prompt idea is amazing and helps a lot, so thank you very much.

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