How RDP counts hours?


i am new to RDP, i just got Microsoft Azure RDP. After setting it up, i logged in and check internet speed etc and closed the session yesterday. When i log in today i noticed that Windows Explorer and Edge were already opened as i left them open yesterday.

So i want to know…My sessions counts (Like i logged in used it for about 30 mins)? or it counts How much RDP is running in the background even i close the session (like about 24 huors in my case, as i closed the session yesterday and its still running)??

I suppose Azure RDP costs per hour, therefore i want to know about it.

You have to close the running instance or it will cost you as it is still running…

Since, it is pay as you go, means the more you keep your instance running, the more you’ll pay.

So, disconnecting the session will not help. You have to terminate the session.

You mean i should stop it when not using from azure account?
like below SS

Yeah, STOP but you will lose your RDP IP this time next time you will start it will allocate new one :slight_smile:

But it’ll save you money because recently i lost $70 due to this Pay As You Go Shit My RDP was running 24x7

No you wont lose your ip , there is an option when you press stop “keep ip address” simply tick it and you are all good.

but why is it so important to have same ip??

for servers and stuff

and i think it’ll count in as network resource usage buddy