How or where to find a windows 11 without microsoft Defender but the real deal

please this windows 11 don’t respect the rules at all.
normally you can give instruction where not to go or which kind of files not to touch.
ok for few hours and all instruction gone.
so i download all the version of win 11 the pass 6 month to find maybe.
i find a group of guys that mention all they delete , good very good .
when i see no windows defender . i download install took a few time problem with rufus
but after 6 times it pass and amazing i have a windows 11 no defender in the setting PERFECT
but every time i open my HDD with crack item a message top up telling virus .
i didn’t care but after 20 times .i got doubt took me at least a day (im not as good as all but im a bulldog)
i find out that most of my crack are simply gone even in rar form or any one i open install
even change the name after. dead as well so now i have a pc that should not have anyi virus
with game that dont work any more apps that i pay and was with me long enough
but windows 11 is a very bad one i dont even mention the ransomware i got when i didnt want to
let him open is drive something loose 72TB of media.

so please help if anyone can .
i dont know how its work but i know this site and the people are ok and item i buy was as well
so i try like this.

Thanks in Advance

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I can hardly understand what you’re trying to say, but what I figured out is that you wanted windows 11 that doesn’t have windows defender at all.



Make sure to read all the documentation carefully before proceeding. If this meet your requirements then mark it as solved.

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More to go…

  1. Ghost Spectre

  2. ReviOS

  3. Phoenix Lite OS

These third-party customizers are known for the gaming and extra lite OS’es under Windows 11 and 10, you can use their releases if you really don’t need Defender among other boaltwares.

Also, make a search on torrent sites you will maximum editions and releases by other releases group such as Gen2 and FBconan, Good luck!