How can i make an employee tutorial video on my PC

Hi everyone! I’m new here. My question is this, I’m a programmer and recently there is a new guy with me. I want him to get familiar with the workflow and operation process ASAP. So I want to make an tutorial video for him. I have never think about it before. Anyone offer me some suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Hello Jacob,

If you are on Windows 10 or 11, just go to Microsoft Store and download RecForth for recording and sharing the record.
Or you can just use Microsoft Teams for chats and live screen sharing (works the same as Team Viewer).

There are many temporary file-sharing sites to share the recorded video.

Hope this gives you some idea.

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Try OBS for recording your screen. It has a lot of capabilities.

You may try passfab is awesome

That sounds nice! I’ll try it. Thanks a lot!

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Hi there, you can use a screen recorder to help you. I think OBS is a nice choice for you. It is free and powerful. If you think it is too difficult for newbies. You can also try some paid and affordable software such as Bandicam, RecMaster, Wondershare, and more. And here is the detailed guide I searched on google about how to create an effective employee orientation video. Hope this helps you.

Thank you very much!!! This article is what i’m looking for.