How can i extract video from video_ts file?

Never seen this kinda DVD before. when i opened up that DVD its only showing 2 folder.
Below image:

There is nothing in audio_ts folder.
When i opended VIDEO_TS file there is no video file, even those are present haven’t seen that before.
2nd image:

** This DVD has 11 Parts. The length of Each part more than 11.00 min.

I am seeking your help to solve this issue, its very urgent. kindly help me.


I found this, hope that helps

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Its not working bro. kinda gif image open up and showing me how to search on google.

Try it again, at the end you’ll find how to extract the video from those files.

use Handbrake and convert them to desired file type. Handbrake is free software and easy to use, will provide good results even at default settings.


Thank u bro. its work like charm! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :star_struck:

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