How can I download public instagram account data (Photos and videos)

Dear OneHack team,
I’m looking for a resource to download entire data all uploaded photos and videos from any public Instagram account, Kindly share if any.
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try instaloader


I am using this since last two years and it is working perfectly for me. :slight_smile:

It’s downloading only 34 posts how can I download all posts ? please guide

if you’re looking for an extension there’s DownAlbum and Downloader for Instagram, i find them the best as downloaders for instagram.
They also download private accounts’ data if you’re following the account.
ps: i don’t know if they’re concerned as malwares but nothing happened since i added tried.

Download Instake downloader. Sign in your account and you can download as much as you want.

I’ve used JDownloader and pasted the account link into it, works for downloading photos and videos.

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Use storySave from google store it even let you download full stories

All posts like all the posts an account or a hash tag have? Cause I have created a python script for downloading individual photo from instagram and I’ll be sharing it in future. If you want all photos then tell me I can make changes for in the script! :grinning:

While check these

Though mention by @WildWildVal


Thank you.

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Amazing work @RTF yes I would like to download all posts…
kindly make changes if possible.

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I’ll post that today. :blush::innocent:

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