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From Web Pages to PDF files; Highlight the Internet with LINER.

Simple but versatile, LINER fits into your work/research process seamlessly as highlighting directly on the web page you are on is the most natural way to annotate. Without any need for additional steps, make any web page or PDF files unique and organized with your insights. Your work will always be there whenever you return to the page. Highlight, save, comment, and share everything you read online with LINER.

★Key Features★

Highlight & Save
A simple drag and a click are all you need to highlight. Highlight directly on the web page you are on or upload PDF files you have to LINER to annotate on it. We save every highlight you make to your LINER home along with the title, page link, date, and comments.

Keep track of your insights by leaving short notes on the highlights you’ve made. You don’t need to open a second tap or another app.

Share web pages with all your highlights and comments still on. Whoever received the link will be able to see your customized web pages without LINER and even on mobile devices!

The tag feature lets you add keywords to the highlighted pages, allowing you to organize your work for easier future reference. You can create and assign multiple tags to a single page, so try adding categories, subjects, dates, and so on.

At https://getliner.com, you can view all your previous works with LINER at My Highlights. All your highlights and saved pages will be visible in chronological order, or you can view them in groups of tags.

LINER supports direct export to Word, OneNote, Evernote, Text file from My Highlights at your LINER home.

Personalized Recommendation
Our algorithm makes personalized article recommendations based on your highlights at your LINER feed. As you make more and more highlights, LINER will learn more about your needs and get better at providing you with the articles that you’ll love and need.

Advanced Google Search
When you add LINER to your browser, LINER will recommend specific pages from your google search result based on what other LINER users have highlighted.

LINER Basic is free to use, no credit card required.

LINER Premium is available if necessary, with features like,

  • 6 Highlight Colors
  • Advanced Search
  • Priority Support
  • and more

with access to features coming soon

  • Sharing by Tags
  • Highlight Color Theme
  • Highlight Color Labelling
  • Data Backup
  • and more

Proudly Enjoyed by Users Around the World.