Hi, Need Help to change priority cpu of ios app

Hi Can Anyone Tell Me How to make my iPhone Give Priority to An App or Game ?
I don’t remember where i find where u can make iPhone Give Priority to an App or Game.
So Plz Help

If you are asking about giving privilege escalation on an Apple device here you go check this thread, otherwise I didn’t understand your question cuz I don’t have an iPhone :sweat_smile:


For iOS, neither official nor jailbroken, so I cannot answer your question. I guess it’s possible to run an atMonitor-like daemon or CocoaTop Cydia on jailbroken iOS.

The kernel would be broken if it allowed that, however I think without studying the kernel scheduling code there’s no way to know for sure what effect the thread priority has globally.

You really don’t need to change priority of any app or game in IOS, as Apple knows about every specification of their phones and hence they can take their hardware to the full advantage to match with software.

Whereas, Google doesn’t even know which phones will take the Android software into use. Hence, most of the designing of the software doesn’t match with hardware.

If you are talking about download priority


for now
I’m not jailbroken User
is there any way to do it without jailbreak?