Hi, free wifi + suprise(shell,backdoor)

i am new here, and i didn’t want to dissepoint you
by making new thread that exists, however, funny thing is that
i can’t find the thread i am actually looking for

my goal is to learn:

  1. i make free wifi
  2. client who connects is greeted
  3. and the greeting page = reverse shell + back door
  4. i gain access to everything directly, and it lasts

however, how do i do that, here majority people are using android phones
but i would love to get access to all, mac, iphone, windows, android
is there any possibility to run only suitable script according to OS
or should i run 4 different scripts?

thank you for your help

There is no harm in asking for help here, you can ask freely and members here may help!

No need to create a topic, Kindly Reply to me so I will put this message under Public Post? would you allow me to do that?