Hey 1hackers need your help for a very small problem!

Recently I installed Parrot OS ihn my PC using pendrive and it is a single boot. And after using it for some days I am missing windows. So i decided to dual boot both windows and parrot os in my pc.

And the problem is that I wanted to make a windows 10 bootable pendrive in parrot os and I stared searching for solutions to make a bootable windows pendrive and was unable to find any solutions.

So, I need help from you guyz. I have been using 1hack for several months now and i know you guyz can help me.

And lastly thanks for everyone who considered helping me in advance!!!


I think i’ve read your post correct, your wanting to make a bootable windows on a Usb pendrive. If thats correct, then i would recommend using Rufus.

Does rufus work on linux?

Yes have a look at the link i posted.

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I will, Thanks for the help

Not a problem bro. So simple to use also. I’ve used it many times myself.

Good luck


I had a similar problem and I created bootable Windows USB using different software but it doesn’t work.

Finally, I created Windows 10 virtual machine using Vbox and created Bootable USB device using Windows 10 VM


hoooo… Good one bro. Will try thanks

Why you’re creating multiple topics for the Damn thing again?

Post it here because it belongs to this problem you’re willing to resolve.

Topic rejected and attached below! Avoid misleading the forum, Understood!


tried installing virtual machine in linux. I reinstalled and did everything to solve but i could not remove this error…

I want help from you guys!!

Thanks in advance!!!

Error Message: VirtualBox VMSetError: Call to WHvSetupPartition failed: ERROR_SUCCESS (Last=0xc000000d/87).