Help Your Google Account has been Disabled

Hi Fellow users, Yesterday Morning while i was copying my images from one google drive to another this happened. Upon Contacting them it came to notice that my photos backup had nsfw content which got backed up automatically. Now this is my primary account and all my backups are on it .All whatsapp backup , photos and videos from past 7 years and all my important documents. Can anyone help in this regard, I tried using a service from twitter but it turned out a scam .

Did google disable both accounts since both had nsfw content ?
If you tell them that your account was hacked and someone uploaded those content they may release it.

I’m pretty sure you got a warning before this disabling of your accounts on your email address but you might not have given it a thought. The only way to properly recover them now is to find what part of data and backups, triggered that disable after they enable your account(probably). Next time make sure nothing NSFW is being backed up by Google Photos or Drive.

Go to here
and try this from here.

May it will help.

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What nsfw content did you upload?
Or was it shared?

I have 20Tb of nsfw on my drive and didn’t get a notice like this👀

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no notice was given earlier and the account was disable just as i created a share link for other drive. and nsfw content might be from my photo album not some random downloaded content. i tried using @babs_solutions on twitter

The same thing happened with me my account has been disabled today…

In my issue source account is not disabled only my destination account got disabled…

Google just doesn’t ban it right away it bans your account when you share NSFW and the link is in the public domain, google scrapes the internet and upon finding policy violations it bans your account.

Yeah but he didn’t tell that it might be shared. So i perhaps thought that he uploaded something that could be seen as illegal in some states of the US.

I went through the TOS of google photos and here it says

Sexually Explicit Content

Do not distribute content that contains sexually explicit material, such as nudity, graphic sex acts, and pornographic material. This includes driving traffic to commercial pornography sites. We allow nudity for educational, documentary, scientific, or artistic purposes.


Non-Consensual Explicit Imagery (NCEI)

Do not store or distribute private nude, sexually explicit, or non-explicit intimate and sexual images or videos without the subject’s consent. If someone has sent a private nude, sexually explicit, or non-explicit intimate and sexual image or video of you, please report it to us here.

and even

Unauthorized Images of Minors

Do not store or distribute images of minors without explicit consent from the child’s parent, guardian, or legal representative. If someone has stored or distributed an image of a minor without necessary consent, please report it to us here

So it can be that the last two most likely caused the disabling of the account

The part I made bold was intentional and can be used to re-appeal in case the first trial fails

Tho not related to the OP, apparently circumvention is strictly prohibited by google(in almost all their products) as well so be cautious guys