[HELP] What should I do next with c++ (BE MY MENTOR)

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As a 1st CSE student i started with C++ language ( that was our University syllabus for freshman). I do some problem solving. And i really enjoy :blush: it. But the thing is to became a good programer you should enough knowledge about Algorithm and Data Structure. I already completed basic of C++ include OOP. Now which path or flow i should follow to become a good programer.
Feel free to suggest me your learning path or your advice.
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Start doing competitive programming on platforms like spoj, codeforces, leetcode, geeksforgeeks etc.


Where should I learn Algorithm and D.S. Those are the key of a program. Any resources or course or anything…

You can join the Uacity free one month nanodegree on algorithm and data structure but its taught language is python.
Also I am currently enrolled in c++ nanodegree in udacity and also wanted to join algorithm and data structure nanodegree but I have joined other courses as well which needs to be finished.
So if you join the nanodegree on algorithm and data structure please pm me as I could provide you with the course material of c++(All videos,code and text) and you could provide me on algorithm and data structure


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abdul birari lectures on data structures and algorithms :slight_smile:
you can go youtube or udemy


c++ 11 c++14 c++17
explore what new features,libraries they offer…which college wont ever cover in c++basic
get ur hands dirty on github c++ projects …read their code
try finding bug or …try improving code
see how professional write codes
This Guy you have to look…really mindblowing knowledge he has .


Learn STL first, if you want to be a competitive programmer.

  1. In C++ , I would suggest learn STL
  2. DS & Algo must be known for becoming programmer (like Problem solving)
    :black_small_square: William Fisset youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/purpongi
    :black_small_square: My Code School https://www.youtube.com/user/mycodeschool
    :black_small_square: Book: Introduction to Algorithms by CLRS https://g.co/kgs/vuN1nR
  3. Platforms for practice: Leetcode, Codeforces, Hackerrank, Codechef…

There are many resources out there you can serach MOOCs , study forums ,etc.


Thanks @iamdon125
Quite informative… Really appreciate

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Leave it and start learning python :snake:.
Or c# for game development.

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use the search option , there are tons of guided paths for your query

Thanks @RTF for your suggestion. But i love doing CP. So that’s why i chose my main language as c++.

For Ds algo , i would recommend-
1.“my code school” youtube channel OR
2. “code with harry’” youtube channel he is also making some great videos on ds algo in c++

after that u can start competitive coding…
cheers :+1:t2: :+1:t2:

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Purpongi is not working bruh

R u telling us to watch this man’s videos???