[HELP] Unable to download pluralsight course usng youtube-dl

I am trying to download courses from pluralsight using youtube-dl.
Initially I used to get 403 error. When I gave cookie file as input instead of username, password, it downloaded first video in the course. After that, for second video, it again shown “403 error message”.
Finally failed with message “ERROR: No video formats found; please report this issue on https://yt-dl.org/bug . Make sure you are using the latest version; type youtube-dl -U to update.”

Youtube-dl => Latest and updated today only.
Plurasight cedentials: I am able to take course and credentials are correct.

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You can use JDownloader to download your videos.

install pluralsight offline app then download your desired course , when course download completed Decrypt videos using pluralsight video decrypt software https://github.com/vinhloc1996/Decrypt-PluralSight-Videos, according to my personal experience this is the best and fastest way to download courses.


Previously I did this too and it worked like a charm. But, this method isn’t working anymore.
First, the repository of the decryptor has been taken down by DMCA, and second, even though you find it somewhere on the internet, it no longer works with the latest version of the PluralSight Offline Player.

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this tool works fine for me.

I recommend that you do not change the download time and speed limits, otherwise your account will be banned. I lost 4 accounts last month


I decrypt the videos with “decrypt pluralsight videos _v1.3”

Can you share your copy of repo ? It has been taken down by DMCA

my account gets banned

I tried this. But n use. It is also giving 403 Forbidden error.

Are you sure you have access to this course via website?

Hi brother, due to DMCA compliance it has been taken down, if you have that file then can you please upload in your drive to solve this thread and stop unwanted replies! Would be great for everyone :heart_eyes:

Yes I Do.

Anyone please suggest me, how can I download the courses?