Help to upgrade laptop from the given configuration

I’m looking to upgrade the ram & processor on my laptop.
But I don’t know which type of compatibility my mainboard has so that Is my RAM compatible with my motherboard? Regarding the processor, I don’t know how much and of till which generation I can upgrade. If it is possible then please advise me on i5, i7 individually till which generation can I upgrade.
Please find below my laptop specs which are saved by CPU-Z software.

And this is the link that i found on dell website Dell Vostro 15–3558 Owner’s Manual | Dell India

Thanking you all in advance :innocent:

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I don’t think you can change your possessor or pre-installed ram as they are most likely to be soldered on the motherboard.

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You have a i3 4th gen… So NOPE you wont be able to find any Compatible Processors for your mother board …

Yor Board itself is old… And UPGRADING that in a Laptop is not possible
The only thing you can upgrade is Storage and RAM … But that also depends what the max capacity your OS supports… But given Your specs, Upgrading RAM will hardly Do any good …

If you don’t have an SSD you can try doing that to improve your system for a while…

But getting a new system is a more sensible Idea!


I’ve had Vostros in the past. To make the best of what you have I recommend going here and do the system scan.