Help to develop similar website like OneHack

I want to build a website like OneHack. So what type of hosting will I need for that? Also, how will the AdSense come on it, and how will the AdSense work on it, such as from the visitor base or in some other way.
I hope you guys will reply to me soon.


there are many courses on udemy to get maximum ideas and resources, else search for tutorials.


Before thinking about hosting and adsense I would suggest you to write down your entire approach and start building. Using React you can build website component by component because thinking about building whole website at once may be overwhelming. I guess Onehack uses Vanilla JS at the moment but try using React (It’s the next big thing). Cheers !!


i think they use discourse

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Probably same with everyone they start with html5 :pensive:

Onehack using


@Dung_Dao @Sherlock_Holmes @RTF @paytokiran @Huteng_Batute @LeeShipMonk
this website is using as a CMS which is basically a FORUM.

So that’s why i am asking that which type of hosting is best suitable to host this type of website,
What are the hosting requirements for this website?

Also, I want to know that how will the AdSense come on it (AdSense approval )


So @Abhishek_Soni
From my past experience,
For starters Firebase is the best.
Many other options are also available like
Heroku, Netlify , Vercel, AWS and a very weak competitor Github Pages.
I don’t know much about ads and adsense, because I believe that donating options are gentle and serene than head poping ads.
Though my way don’t work for everyone and everywhere. Then ads make more sense.
Some YouTube videos related to hosting–
Github pages and netlify
Dev Ed on netlify.
And there are many more resources and tutorials.
And YouTube is the home to basic knowledge.
**Just remember keywords are key to get right sources online. So, search correctly. **
Hope you get an idea.

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