Help please. How to locate hidden files downloaded from specific apps such as Great Courses Plus & Audible?

Hello hackers,
Does anyone know where to locate the downloaded video files from The Great Courses Pplus ?

I’ve been looking for it everywhere without booting my device. Is there a solution ?

Thanks in advance


Try searching Android/data/com.tgc.greatcoursesplus


Thank you for the swift answer. I tried but I cannot find the mentioned folder in my system.

How does it work if you want to download: To be able to download the thegreatcourses videos with ease, you will need to download and install GetFLV. This application offers you one click download of movies, music videos and other types of videos from thegreatcourses. It also allows you to directly download thegreatcourses videos into MP3 format. Another interesting thing about it is its ability to download the entire playlist, category or channel. You do not need to download one video at a time if you want to download videos in an entire playlist. It also allows you to convert the downloaded videos into any format of your choice. You can also download videos from Youtube etc websites.

Below is a step by step guide on how to download videos from thegreatcourses with the powerful thegreatcourses Video Downloader to download thegreatcourses videos to FLV, AVI, MPEG, WMV, MP4, MOV, 3GP formats on Mac or Windows computer.

Please copy and paste to view the URL below:

The Great Courses Plus supports offline viewing through our apps for iOS and Android. You may download individual video lectures to your Apple or Android phone or tablet device storage by tapping on the cloud icon located to the right of each individual lecture on the course page. In order to play a downloaded lecture offline, you must navigate to My Courses > My Downloads and play the video lecture from that location. As video files are large and can take up considerable room on your devices storage, we offer three levels of file size and quality for you to download. To choose which setting you prefer, simply navigate to Settings > Download Settings > Download Quality in the menu. Please note, The Great Courses Plus Apps do not allow you to log in to your account while offline. In order to play a downloaded lecture you must be logged in to your account via the app, which is the normal state of your app. If, for any reason, you log out of your account on the app and are attempting to play a downloaded lecture while offline, you will not be able to log in to the app while offline and thus will not be able to play your downloaded lecture offline.

Furthermore, read here everything about downloading TGCP:

So, read above and understand how does it and what actually you’re thinking it is.

Good luck!


The simple answer is you can’t find. Videos and audios downloaded through apps are generally encrypted. You can get the encrypted file but can’t decrypt it without getting the Decrypt key which is almost impossible.


My mobile has custom rom and rooted

I can see that folder but there is no audio or video files over there. Only two folders, cache & files and both contain nothing.
In fact, I checked the properties of com.tgc.greatcoursesplus and it says 0B.

What to do now?