Help needed

Can anyone suggest/help me in transporting a laptop from US to India without paying any tax to custom officers??

Ask your any relatives that who you can trust…! This is the only option to avoid tax & customs. (As much as I know)

Short Answer: If you have relatives , ask them to bring it for you and dont try anything else.

Long Answer:
At first, dont try to do that, you will end up with nothing, this was the same case with a month ago, i wanted to bring a dell g5 laptop from the dell US store , because, the price is relatively cheaper, plus the model was not available in India. But, Dell does’nt ship internationally, nor HP. I tried to look into the Amazon US store, But , the exact model was not available , still tried to look for similar configuration but they were still not shipping to India. Tried with some HP laptops, but they had charges for shipping internationally plus the customs tax. So, no hope for that.

There are package forwarding sites like , (these were the only two sites that looked legit) , there are more sites like these. I placed a request for the dell laptop and managed to get some hits . It sounded affordable, but the package forwarders were charging a lot , for a laptop worth 1100$ , they were charging around 500$ extra with insurance and without customs duty. But there’s an option to modify the value of the package so that to lower the customs value, if you opt in for the customs value modification, it will be very risky. Let me tell you that paying the customs fee is on the importer’s side,Forwarders can only help you with the customs fee form filling.

After checking the reviews on the social networking sites, you will be shocked , its a massive scam, people are still hoping to get their package after 3-6 months , you cant do anything , firstly you dont have a proper receipt plus you are already doing things that are not allowed by the dell US site. Even after you get to do anything, you realize that you have modified the product value already just to illegally lower the customs fees.

Pros: Cheaper product, Better quality of the product (I think so) , Latest configurations available

Cons: Not easy to get delivered to IND , Extra customs fees( about 30% ) , Product may get damaged in transit , Shipping delay ( may take about 2 months to reach you) , No International Warranty , You cant pay easily as the buyer needs to have a US address and Card, Risky , what if there’s a manufacturing defect ? you will need to take it to US back!! I have talked with the customers service agents of both DELL US and IND !

Conclusion: Wait for the laptop to be launched in India, it will take time but you will get the products easily with a piece of mind, the price will only be about 5 % higher than the US prices, I have confirmed it. I wanted to buy a dell G5 from US but now I choose to get HP omen for about the same price. Wait and watch if you get it , I am doing so too.

Hope it helps ,
Sorry for long answer.