Help needed to find a Plugin/WebApp to manage stock and sales data

Hello, OneHackers. Hope you’re all safe and sound in this tough situation. The title may seem a bit confusing but here’s the thing that a while ago I have started an online clothing business with some of my friends. Fortunately, our sales increased exponentially. In the beginning, we managed our product info and sales info with our Woo-commerce system. But recently there are some acquaintances who are willing to helping us to manage our product and sales. But, they are unfamiliar with the UI we have been using.
That’s why we are looking looking for a Web App/Online app or service to Manage product information, Stock info, Order info, Client info, etc. The app doesn’t have to be only for these specific works but something similar like “Notion” where I can make suitable forms for these works and have to be a database like where 5-10 people can make changes at the same time. If there is any WordPress plugin like that it’d be so much helpful because it can be integrated with woo-commerce sales. But if there isn’t then I need to find a web app because we still do not have the budget to build custom software.

There are a lot of free, open-source web apps that you can use.
Visit these links and check out the live demos from their GitHub pages to decide which one to use.

Google search for “self hosted inventory and sales” or “self hosted store management”

My recommendation will be to still use WooCommerce backend to manage your store, there are a lot of woocommerce plugins available and you can customize it as you need. The UI is not difficult to learn, and the best feature is you do not have to manually enter data like sales and transanctions, it will be linked to the store.

If you use a separate software of web app, you will have to update everything manually.


Yes, you’re right. I will look into it. But I forgot to mention that some number of sales data will be added from Facebook. Most people don’t sign up on my website instead they order from the messenger.

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