Help needed in my Project

The above link has all files attached to my project including a demo video…So basically it is a disease predictor based on symptoms given as input. This would be executed on a raspberry pi with 5 inch display…So i have 2 problems in it…I cant change the font size. I searched online and tried and it didnt sort it out yet…Second thing is symptoms and the predicted disease gets stored in the firebase(realtime)…The code for firebase is written but it stores only two initial symptoms…So if anyone could help that would be kind enough…



I am sorry I cant help.
but this doesn’t seem like the place to ask help for programming.
May be try stack overflow


If you connect a Raspberry Pi to an HDMI monitor, you may find the terminal font size to be a bit small; especially if the monitor sits a foot or more away. This post demonstrates how to choose a different font size.

HOW TO: Change the Terminal font size on Raspberry Pi


  • Boot the Raspberry Pi to the terminal (or console)

If your Raspberry Pi boots to the desktop environment, exit the GUI to see the command prompt. You can use the sudo raspi-config utility to modify the boot options for the Raspberry Pi if you always want to boot to the command prompt.

  • Type sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup at the prompt
  • If prompted, type the Raspberry Pi password - the Package configuration application will appear as shown in the image below

  • If not the default, select the UTF-8 option and hit :leftwards_arrow_with_hook: - the screen below will display

  • If not the default, select the Guess optimal character set option and hit :leftwards_arrow_with_hook: - the screen below will display

  • If not the default, select the Let the system select a suitable font option and hit :leftwards_arrow_with_hook: - the screen below will display

  • Select the size font you prefer and hit :leftwards_arrow_with_hook: - the red highlighted font (16x32) shown in the image above is my preference
  • Finally, reboot the Raspberry Pi using the sudo reboot command

When the Raspberry Pi reboots, it will now use the selected font to display the console and command prompt. In my case, I have a monitor about four feet from my desk.

Source: stevencombs


Thanks everyone for ur replies…After a lot of struggle the project was completed.