Help Me on Kali Linux

I am new to learning hacking and kali Linux, I need help from someone who is expert. When I run this command it says

bash: hackwifi: command not found

Command is: alias hackwifi=‘besside-ng wlan0’

Please guide why we use this command and how can I fix the error. Thank you

Hey bro,
hackwifi is not a command.I believe it is just explaining what this command “besside-ng wlan0” do. “besside-ng wlan0” is the command.
The command syntax should be - besside-ng options interface
besside-ng -W wlan0
You can check out the Besside-ng usage here -


I don’t get what your question is. If you want to make an alias for “besside-ng wlan0” you can follow this tut. But if you only want to use the command without an alias, just type besside-ng wlan0.

A shell alias is a shortcut to reference a command. It can be used to avoid typing long commands or as a means to correct incorrect input.


OK Thank you so much.

probably u didnt save the alias to alias file ,if u dont save it bash execute them only when bash is active when u close it they will be deleted so save them to alias file.
or chek if u have installed app.

Ok, can you tell me the procedure step by step?

Google it “make alias pernament”

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OK, Thank you so much

Thanks to all who participated and helped to get me out of the problem.

i have same problem after directly writing command :besside-ng wlan0
i get bash: besside-ng: command not found
i don’t know where is problem

Try: sudo besside-ng wlan0