Help me guys for buying good laptop

Hello guys
I want to buy laptop under 40k
I am confusion with some laptop
Like asus vivobook 15 ( ryzen 3000 proceser)
asus vivobook 15 ( i5 8th generation )
Acer i3 slim


pls do post amazon link for each of it…

according to config… i would recommend intel processor… so asus vivobook 15 ( i5 8th generation )

If You Are Going For A 15inch one then…
Just close your eyes … increase a budget little… and go for acer aspire 7
Its a latest model with the greatest specifications around 50k… Check on Flipkart

Well I just bought one 4 days ago, My budget was under 40k too and I’ve Researched Thoroughly.
First, let me clear Few points according to me there are 3 types of Laptops -

1 - Home/Student/Office - Writing Documents, Media Consumption, light-Mediocre work (coding) Etc.
Price - Under 40k
2 - Gaming - For Gaming obviously, Video Editing, coding, Basically Everything.
Price - 50k Above
3 - Ultrabooks - (For heavy workload) mostly used in Offices and used by work Professionals.
Price - 70k Above


  • SSDs
  • 8GB RAM (Highly Recommended)
  • Processor Doesn’t matter if Above 2 Conditions are Met but for your sake, you can go for these Best processors Right now :
    i3 10thGEN or Ryzen 3 3200U or Ryzen 5 3500U -->BEST UNDER 40K
    i5 8thGEN or Ryzen 5 3550H —> ABOVE 50K
    I only prefer AMD Laptops because in Budget Category they offer Best Value.
    Below are few laptops I believe are Best under 40k as of June 2020:
    (Links are given Configurations may Differ, Find similar Go for the Best one)

1. ASUS Vivobook M509DA (SSD+Ryzen5 3rdGen+8GB RAM)

2. HP AMD Ryzen Laptops
Go Here :[0]=AMD+Ryzen+3&hp_facet_processortype[1]=AMD+Ryzen+5
My recommendation go for 2 best-
1st choice - HP 15s - eq0024au (Best build and Hardware, The overall Best)
2nd choice - HP 15 - db1069au (Get this ONLY if you can’t get above one)
You are a bit late these are now almost out of stock everywhere. Otherwise, these Hp laptops are Damn good.

3. DELL Inspiron 3000 - (i3-10thGEN + 8GB RAM + [1TB HDD+256SSD] ) - I Bought This One

FACT - Build Quality and Services of DELL are the BEST.
You can get this from Offline Dealers and Distributors in 42k with Bag and Accessories worth 3k for free and offline assurance and Protection
Hurry and go to Offline Dealers if you want this one They give Discounts too. and this model is not available online anywhere.

4. Lenovo Ideapad s145 (SSD+Ryzen5 3rdGen+8GB RAM)
The only downside for this one is Build and Display is Underwhelming.

P.N. - Take some time to RESEARCH YOURSELF unless and until you are a 60-year-old man who wants to buy laptop or a 9-Year-old kid.
Researching takes 3-4Hours you can start by going to every famous laptop brand Website and comparing configurations and Prices, pros and cons. find that Laptop on Amazon, etc. Look at Reviews talk to friends who have that kind of laptop and take opinion never follow anyone blindly.

And One more thing if you are in INDIA and you are Really planning to buy a Laptop MOVE FAST, Laptops are selling like free IceCream on Summer noon Right now Best Models and Stocks will be finished any time soon.

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