[HELP] is there any way to bypass network speed caps

My network provider limit my data speed even if it not reached to FUP limit changing APN in network setting is helpful a bit but still it still capped at next 32 kbps after changing the APN, i observed this with USB dongle’s network graph and observing accurate timeing of daily seed capping and uncap, i am using BSNL network please can any one help in this topic,
another question to all Can we bypass FUP limit and get notmal speed after that is it possible ?

check network and data stability before fup they cant limit speed

they shouldn’t but its happening, Daily on accurate timings, speed blasts and also at fixed time daily it limited to 16-20 kbps or 32-40 kbps i am attaching a graph if you learned to read graph you can see clear resistance at 32 kb ps and 16 kb ps 8 kbps also a resistance at.mid night 12 o clock it jums from 8 kbps to 300-400 kbps and after 7 am it limited to 32 kb ps … it real … Capping

if you are not getting what you paid for, SIMPLY SUE THEM
however, really want to salute your decision of using BSNL (GSM/broadnd whatever) network in 2020

the most best way to bypass FUP is pay more money and buy unlimited plan…
you only get what you paid for :slight_smile:

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BSNL won’t cap your speed other than your plans.
It must be some other background process or users.
Disconnect all other users and remove other process and test your speed.
It could be also due to network traffic in these days.
Try downloading any file in IDM, it ill show the full speed of your network.

Find UDP open port of your BSNL region
I already used in 2019 full year UDP open port means totally free internet with high speed no speed cap,
In my case open UDP port founded 9201, 9200.

Interesting to hear, is it possible on other networks ?
How to use this ? can you please elaborate more ?

Pm me for details

yes, visit

I’m new here and I don’t know how to pm you, but I really need to bypass my quota. Thank you.