I was looking for a python script which run for a particular time period (Ex 12.00 am every day) exclusively on my google drive/Team drive and produce the difference of file name with their size those uploaded in last 24 hrs.

Is there amy script…?

Or someone how can write this for me…?

Its helps everyone who have google drive/Team Drive to analyse all data uploaded in last 24 hrs

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It is interesting but also has some limitations if you focus on Google Colab.

First, you need to know that Google Colab is session-based python notebook. Meaning that once you left it inactive (user interaction), the session would be terminated automatically. As you may know, there are so many people have also used Google Colab in every single minute.

However, if you use write the daemon or service-typed scripts, you may have what you are looking for.

For creating a scheduler, there are many solutions, you can use

  • Manual using datetime, and use while to check current time with the scheduled time.
  • Celery (python library, linux)
  • CRON (linux)
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