[HELP] How to copy google share drive folder to another google share drive directly...?

I was looking for this problem from last few days but not get any proper solution.
I want to copy a google shared/Team drive folder to another Team/Share drive folder directly like zip folders or file just making the copy the file and boom its done.
I was find a script on this page http://techawakening.org/copy-folder-structure-contents-in-google-drive/2846/ which create a copy of folder shared drive to my drive root folder is there any one who can edit this script so we can select the folder destination to share drive…:blush:
It save lots of time and of all of our friends
You can find this script https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/0/d/1MQvgrOFa0_xEDcSHzhiPy9nyoslmB_pAiBCaSXc2yCc/copy




use air explorer .
It has a limit of 750 GB but thats a google thing
If you want to copy more than 750 GB in a single day use rcloner with autorcloner

Are there any solution, something like colab scripts?

there are some methods for you:

Its a gui application very easy to use just try it

how about


If that repo doesn’t work. Use OneClickRun Notebook for "Google Drive File Browser"