[HELP] How To Bypass Hulu's VPN Detection

Does anyone know a useful tip on how to bypass Hulu’s annoying VPN detection? Please Help


you need to set up a smart DNS. Once the DNS is set-up, you don’t need a VPN

you can get a 2 week free trial here_

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I do not know the exact remedy, but doing a quick search (which I consistently suggest to do in a thorough fashion before posting here) points out you may not be using a strong enough VPN when connecting to a geographically locked content server, like the US. My suggestion would be to get a premium VPN service or to use a DNS service. Thankfully, they both need not be taken up explicitly.

Check these two posts out on how to get KeepSolid’s VPN and SmartDNS subscription for 2 and 3 months respectively, and let the community know if you still face any issues:

  1. VPN - here
  2. SmartDNS - here

Rinse, and repeat. Good Luck.


@Diane_Mask @GullibleLamb Thank you very much for the tips, I’ve googled this but didn’t find something useful so I thought maybe some of the pro peeps out here could help, I’ll do better next time xD.

I’ll try your solutions and get back to y’all asap.
thanks again

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In Android :
1- Your google play account country should be us or nothing ( in pay.google.com, address, showed it )
2- Install Fake Gps App ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lexa.fakegps&hl=en_US ) and in developer option, select mock location app, select fake GPS and in fake GPS app set the Location to the USA.
3- Use Nord Vpn and connect to servers, Recommended by Nord in this link ( maybe some doesn’t work, try another ):

4- remember clear cache app ( and if required clear app data )

In Windows :
1-Chrome Updated
2-Install Location Guard Extension
and Set Location to the US (you can use a fixed location for hulu.com )
3-Use Nord Vpn ( Use Recommended Server ) :

4- Clear Chrome cache

*** for me sometime Hulu.com log in page doesn’t work, I don’t know why, but I can log in in help page successfully.
I hope I didn’t forget anything and this been useful.

Use ProtonVpn instead Nordvpn, it solved all problem, Tested.
I Logged in and Played Successfully.

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Thanks Bro, I’m on linux, but the second method should work with chrome I guess, thanks I’ll try it out and let you know, Very much appreciated

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Try ExpressVPN Mod APK

Link for reference

Its a superfast VPN with multiple countries