[HELP] Any help with my final year Project

So im working on my final year project that deals with python and Raspberry pi. Its basically a virtual doctor on a Raspberry device. In short, When you tell out your symptoms to the device, it is gonna tell the possible disease and also remedies. So basically this is my friends project. He told he would help me but he just left me away. So i started with the project myself. I figured out how to give a voice input and NLTK stuffs. But i need someone to help me with python as i go on. There is a actually a database in an excel sheet(CSV format) in the form of 0’s and 1’s under symptom columns and i have no idea how to access/code it.
I also have images regarding the output like what should be displayed on the raspberry screen and how it should respond to each queries…
So if anyone could help me in python as well as the project,that would be helpful…

searching on github for your python requirement will help you

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Friendly Websites

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