Has anyone heard about 1$ home in Italy? 😲

Today I randomly came across a news article that was talking about the fact that people can buy almost made house in Italy, maybe in Sicily for just 1.10 $ or 1 euro.
Do anyone of you know what about it?
What are the other liabilities?
Can other nationalities buy those homes? and how?

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the home costs 1 euro but u have to pay thousands of euros in renovations and in some other villages u have to open a business. keep in mind these house are totally destroyed and are hundreds of years old. so u would need atleast 13000 euros in renovations. also all the houses are in villages like sicily and the population is very VERY Few. so no businesss at all basically. but i mean if u are looking for a long term investment than yea its a good investment but dont forget it wont cost 1 euro but about 15000-20000 euros.


yes other nationalities can buy aswell.

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Please may you share the article? Interested. Thank you!

Yes it is true but it is mostly in economically depressed villages. They are trying to revive abandoned villages which will turn to ghost places otherwise. Also you will need to pay thousands to renovate the place. It might cost you a further €15-25k not to mention the hidden fees. Unless you understand basic Italian it will be tough to live there.Sicily is a great island with rich culture and god level food. If you are looking for a holiday home, it is perfect but if you are looking for work too, it is tough to get along.

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These are the links that I have watched till now. ( I will do further research later at present in a urgent important project)

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They say its $1 but the fees are in thousands of euros and you have to bid to get them and not to mention those homes are in dying villages where you need to massively renovate the house and help improve the village, its a massive undertaking but its worth it if you want to move there, go to youtube you will find out more about this from a customer perspective, I came across those videos several months back and it was an interesting watch

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