Hacking For Dummies | Computer & System Hacking


Welcome to Hacking For Dummies, 6th Edition. This book outlines — in
plain English — computer hacking tricks and techniques that you can use to
assess the security of your information systems, find the vulnerabilities that
matter, and fix the weaknesses before criminal hackers and malicious insiders
take advantage of them. This hacking is the professional, aboveboard, and
legal type of security testing — which I refer to as ethical hacking or
vulnerability and penetration testing throughout the book.
Computer and network security is a complex subject and an ever-moving
target. You must stay on top of it to ensure that your information is protected
from the bad guys. The techniques and tools outlined in this book can help.
You could implement all the security technologies and other best practices
possible, and your network environment might be secure — as far as you
know. But unless and until you understand how malicious attackers think,
apply that knowledge, and use the right tools to assess your systems from
their point of view, it’s practically impossible to have a true sense of how
secure your systems and information really are.

Ethical hacking (or, more simply, security assessments), which encompasses
formal and methodical vulnerability and penetration testing, is necessary to
find security flaws and to validate that your information systems are truly
secure on an ongoing basis. This book provides you the knowledge you need
to successfully implement a security assessment program, perform proper
security checks, and put the proper countermeasures in place to keep external
hackers and malicious users in check.

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