Hackers selling 267 million Facebook records on hacker forum

Currently, the trove of 267 million Facebook records are being sold for around $600 on the hacker forum.

Facebook has more than 2.5 billion monthly active users and when its data is breached, that’s bad news for everyone. Today is one of those days where personal data of millions of unsuspected users has been put at risk.

The sold data includes their Facebook profile links, full names, email addresses, phone numbers, age, date of birth, status as in whether the user is active on the site or not, gender, city, and addresses, etc.

Currently, the database is being sold for £500 (€575 – $625). What’s worse is that researchers bought and analyzed the data which turned out to be legitimate. However, the good news is that these records do not contain user passwords but the type of data being sold data is enough to carry out phishing and malware scams against victims.

In an exclusive conversation with CEO and Founder of Cyble, Mr. Beenu Arora told Hackread.com that,

At this stage, we are not aware of how the data got leaked at the first instance, it might be due to a leakage in third-party API or scrapping. Given the data contain sensitive details on the users, it might be used by cybercriminals for phishing and spamming.

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