Hack webcam using spycam payload to take pictures of victim every 30 seconds

Many people around the world are always interested to peek into other person computer. Image a hack that will help you to peek into other person webcam. Yes, today we will show you on how easy is for hackers to hack into someone computer and watch the webcam to take pictures every 30 seconds . This all is done using sending malicious URL to victim and impersonating him/her to click on binary. Researcher of International Institute of Cyber Security commented, that small change is attack will be undetectable by Anti-viruses and will be completely FUD. Earlier we demonstrated on how hackers find it easy to hack whatsapp of somebody using single link.

We will walk you through steps on how a hacker can remotely take pictures of the victim using spycam tool. The main aim of the spycam tool is to take the pictures from the victim’s webcam for every 30 seconds and sends picture’s back to hackers.

It is easy to take pictures of the victim from his webcam by executing a single malicious file. Most of the people and hackers use these kind of techniques. So it is always recommended to not click on any unknown link and install unknown binary.

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