Hack Any Account You Want (Instagram/Twitter/Gmail, Etc)


  • A VPS (optional but really recommended)
  • Basic Social Engineering Skills

In this tutorial i’ll show you how to do a fast phishing website with only 5 minutes.

1 - Get a VPS (Linux or Windows)
You can get a linux vps with me for 2 months, only $10, contact me in pm

2 - Downloading the TOOL
There’s two options here, i recommend testing both and find by yourself which one is better for what you looking for

  • SocialFish - More advanced tool. Creates a webpanel that can clone basically any website you want and redirect the victim to another website that you want. (Personally i got some problems to setup, but the tool looks HQ af).

  • zPhisher - With this tool you have a list of famous websites that you can choose and have it working in less than 1 minute. Better for noob users or people that need a fast option.

To download both tools, just clone the repository by downloading it as a zip or using the command:

git clone <github_link>


git clone https://github.com/UndeadSec/SocialFish.git
git clone https://github.com/htr-tech/zphisher.git

3 - Using the TOOL

Entire Wiki: https://github.com/UndeadSec/SocialFish/wiki
How to use: https://github.com/UndeadSec/SocialFish/…SocialFish

Go to the zPhisher folder directory: cd zphisher
Use the command: bash zphisher.sh

4 - HACKING your victim(s)

There’s a lot of ways you can hack your victim(s).

Honestly i prefer going in his Instagram with a fake account and dming him (Use a real profile with at least 2k so it looks real, and make some story)
Example: The victim likes music and sings

So you create profile about a music produtor and ask if he wants to help you somehow or give a note to your non-released song

Use bit.ly to keep tracking if the victim opened the link or not. After that you’ll get his passwords in your panel/cmd/terminal.

Before reading. This method isn’t new, just a quick guide to noobs on how to hack a friend or smth like that.
If you master your skills you can easily hack a 40k Instagram account just like me and be able to sell it, or even get bigger accounts.