Guide for Higher Studies for abroad

Hello Friends. I am from third tire engineering collage. I am planning to study abord for my masters. Please guide me the right direction. What are the documents required,enterance exam, scholarship. I hope you all would guide me with your best experience.

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Frankly If you google there are already detailed answers available…

And if you have no previous experience I will suggest you to hire a guidance councilor… As they will literally Cost you less than the Whole Higher Education Exam Fees and guide you with baby steps …


There are apps on playstore which have whatsapp groups who will guide you through the process in free ,free resources free guidance and free scholarship process

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Could you name any app, Which u find best?

Try yocket’s group. It has university wise groups where you can ask questions or connect with people


Bro, if i world had understood the dough on the Google then why would I had raised a query here.

That’s why I also mentioned to

And if you can’t understand on google or Cant hire a Councilor I suggest you not waste your time on higher Education, It’s not for everyone

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