Well there’s a way around it luckily. Unfortunately i am going offline for 7 days so from here on you will have to make it work from the below given instructions only.

First let me explain what caused that team drive to become dead.

Well it isn’t dead, the gsuite workspace admins who own the shared drives of the organization that you used have decided to turn of download for that particular drive of yours/or maybe all the drives


This will work for sure cuz I did this today itself and helped a guy with a dead TD move all his stuff to another TD where it is safe

  1. Make a folder inside the dead td
  2. Put everything inside in the TD into that folder you just made.
  3. Create a new gmail account(any spare one will work just fine, just make sure you aren’t using you main account, there’s no chance of being banned or anything, the thing is the next step will eat up all the Google accounts storage of that account, so till you move the stuff you won’t be able to recieve emails)
  4. Add the spare/newly created account to the shared drive. Now make sure you are logged into that Google account, go to my drive and open that shared drive from that account.
  5. Right click on the folder you made in step 1. Click on move, then hit the back arrow ← till you see my drive, then click on my drive and then click on “move here” or “move” and it will give a promt saying successfully moved
  6. Wait for 10 mins to be safe, if number of files is too many, over 10k files(I’m not talking about size, number of files!). Then it will take a lot longer and maybe upto an hour, if files are countable or less than 1k it will be done in a around 5 mins, just be patient. You can close the tab and do something else in this time.
  7. So now refresh the my drive page of that account and you will see that the account storage is red and is x/15gb, where x is the size of the TD you moved.
  8. Now follow my rclone guide or air explorer to move these files to good TD of yours. You can keep these there in the “my drive” of that account. It will be safe and good there so yeah that was it. Hopefully you will be able to fix your problems.

thanks for the guide.

Bro mine TD disappeared what to do?

Best guess…The administrator of that Google Workspace deleted the shared drive.

This happened with my friend once, 5 team drives of his went missing one day suddenly

Luckily 2 of them came back on its own after 3 days.

I was looking for this fix…and your method solved my issue.
Thanks :+1:

I am glad that my method helped you, feel free to DM if you need any other help and yeah give this post a upvote


Your Method Steps are clear but i got confused in Step 4.

In step 4: “Add Shortcut to Drive” of Newly Created Folder in My Drive only… After that Move this Shortcut to the Dead Shared Drive…
Rest is same as described by you…Move All the files in this Shortcut… :slightly_smiling_face:

I also moved all my files by your method from Dead Drive…Thanks Again… :heart: