Got hacked

Hello everyone

First of all i cannot tell you how happy I am to see this platform back online.

Now i would need some help from the great genius on this platform. I recently visited a site to check some APKs and later discovered that i have been hacked as ll my files now have .ZATE extension and are not opening and there is this message for the ransomware.

I would really appreciate if someone can help me recovering my data as it’s important to me

I have never been disappointed in terms of finding solutions on this platform, hope the same thing continues.


what is the current status of your phone? Is it opening if you can, try to install Malwarebytes. It will detect the root file.

The issue is with Laptop and the virus is not there as i got additional SSD hard in laptop n made it the booting hard drive for system , also in my office the IT guy checked it and he scanned for virus and there is no virus now but all the files before adding SSD drive are now with .zate extension

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You must use extreme caution when downloading APK modifications.
Let me tell you about my experience.
I was using my father’s laptop in 2020 to download some cracked software.
After installing part of the software, some of it worked, but before I knew it, all of the files on my father’s laptop were changing to.nobu and referring to the hacker’s site, where the hacker demanded 900 dollars to provide antivirus.
However, my father had to replace the hard drive.
But he misplaced over 2000 documents holding vital information…

However, if you ever require a mod APK, please visit (This is my site, and all mods I upload are from reputable sources and have been virus-tested.)

So, my recommendation is to format your smartphone because antivirus won’t be able to completely remove the virus. But you can still try some antivirus

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I shall wait for you reply.

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