Goscrape | A Web Scraper Built With Golang


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A web scraper built with Golang. It downloads the content of a website or blog and allows you to read it offline.

Features and advantages over existing tools like wget, httrack, Teleport Pro:

  • Free and open source
  • Available for all platforms that Golang supports
  • JPEG and PNG images can be converted down in quality to save disk space
  • Excluded URLS will not be fetched (unlike wget)
  • No incomplete temp files are left on disk
  • Downloaded asset files are skipped in a new scraper run
  • Assets from external domains are downloaded automatically
  • Sane default values


  • No GUI version, console only


You need to have Golang installed, otherwise follow the guide at https://golang.org/doc/install.

go get github.com/cornelk/goscrape


goscrape http://website.com


Scrape a website and create an offline browsable version on the disk

  goscrape http://website.com [flags]

      --config string         config file (default is $HOME/.goscrape.yaml)
  -d, --depth uint            download depth, 0 for unlimited (default 10)
  -x, --exclude stringArray   exclude URLs with PERL Regular Expressions support
  -h, --help                  help for goscrape
  -i, --imagequality int      image quality, 0 to disable reencoding
  -n, --include stringArray   only include URLs with PERL Regular Expressions support
  -o, --output string         output directory to write files to
  -t, --timeout uint          time limit in seconds for each http request to connect and read the request body
  -u, --user string           user[:password] to use for authentication
  -v, --verbose               verbose output




The problem is with https sites which are now the default.
In wget we have the --no-check-certificate option but nevertheless it remains ineffective for most https sites. From the options provided above, am I correct in assuming that Golang has the same difficulty?