Google May Be Forced to Reveal its Search Algorithm to an SEO

Google is involved in a lawsuit that has the potential to result in the company revealing its long-guarded algorithm secrets.

As part of the lawsuit, Google has been given an ultimatum by UK courts to either withdraw evidence to its defence or disclose the details of its search algorithm.

Not only would Google have to hand over the details of its algorithm, it would have to hand them over to a working SEO consultant.

Google Has Two Choices

For obvious reasons, Google does not want to give up its algorithm secrets.

However, Google also doesn’t want to withdraw evidence which is vital in helping the company win the lawsuit.

Those are the only two choices Google has right now when it comes to fighting the lawsuit.

The only other choice would be to settle the lawsuit, which would reportedly involve millions in damages.

Not to mention that a settlement creates the perception of Google admitting to doing something wrong.

The best case for Google right now is if the company opts to withdraw evidence and somehow still wins the case.

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this is gonna be messy.

google can afford to loose billions, but to loose the secret that they have build their empire on? nahh.

They are gonna pay the guy out of court, Simple.

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Hahahaha, wtf :joy:

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