Google Images Launches 'Licensable' Badge and Search Filter

Google today launched new features in Google Images “to help people use images on the web responsibly.” From a report:

The features should benefit photographers, as they help people both identify photos that can be licensed as well as find out how to properly license them. Google Images’ new “Licensable” badge, which had been in beta testing since February 2020, is now live. “[W]ith a seemingly infinite number of images online, finding the right image to use, and knowing how to use that image responsibly, isn’t always a simple task,” Google says. Google’s new Licensable badge aims to make it easier for photo buyers to find photos they can license. Whenever a publisher or photographer provides licensing information for a photo (by providing structured data or IPTC photo metadata), Google will display a badge that says “Licensable” over the photo in search results.

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