Google drive with custom username & unlimited storage only for 7$⭐

510 INR per month or per year?

7$ one time charge and one month charge

@FireStorm69 and @HiTLER_JATT

That price for the Warranty For 1 Year… The Account will Work for Longer than A Year…

And You are In Luck I Just Dropped the Price … Its Only 5$ + The Paypal Transaction Fees
Or 400 INR

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The offer is nice,but is not Gsuite is a Google Workspace account.
Another thing the price is USD 2,00 very very cheap
Thanks for the information

Nope, It is a GSUITE Account…
You cannot get Google Workspace Accounts For Cheap…
The Only major Difference between the two is their Naming…
And My Accounts are Much Cheaper (5$) with Warranty

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Avoid sales trashing.
Please its just rude.

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It’s been months this post existence in this forum. No one have left any negative reviews yet. The price is also pretty low compared to Google in terms of unlimited storage. So, this is a great buy. Just in case: have backup. Good luck purchasing :slight_smile:

Thanks To @Techtanic For the Banner…Much Appreciate it…

Can u pm me ur google pay number or upi id?

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Check your PM.

Just purchased an account from this seller; excellent service, quick delivery, no issues whatsoever. 10/10, would recommend. Thanks again brother :pray:t5:

I’ve bought several account from this pstore website. Mostly domain. And the account will be gone after several months. The seller usually asking you to rate 5 star before you can receive support, but you’ll never get support anyway.

@Blaken question, how to get one? I’m not sure how to PM

Hey There… You can directly Buy from Here-

If you wanna buy via Crypto And UPI just lemme know…

And those p-store ones are just crap… I am using it on my personal .com domain

Hi, already processed the payment through this link

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Your Custom Account has been created and the Credentials are sent to Your E-Mail

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Google recently announced a new storage model, which provides schools and universities with a baseline of 100 TB of pooled storage shared across all users. Does this interfere with your sale, or is your account non-educational?

It Should Not… And even If something happens I guarantee you will have an Unlimited drive account for at least an Year

I want to buy this account. And i have 29 usd in paypal. But problem is that my paypal is not verified so how i can buy

You will need to send the money to My Paypal Account (try buying directly from my shoppee or just PM me).

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