Google Drive video play problem

Hello everyone,
I’m having a weird problem with Google Drive. I have some videos on my drive (movie). They are working fine in Mobile app like play, seek forward backward. But problem in my pc browser. When i try watch them in my browser it didn’t play. I’ve search around this topic but didn’t work for me. So anyone have idea about this how to cope up with this problem.
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You must consider a few things and troubleshoot before searching for a solution.

  1. Did you download and play that video on any media player?
  2. Your browser is updated?
  3. Your PC has installed an updated video driver?
  4. Your PC has required codec if needed (K-Lite codec pack)
  5. Your PC is clean? make sure no virus?
  6. Firefox, make sure under Plugins ‘‘OpenH264 & Widevine’’ installed.

Lastly, there is a trick while you google search:

You’re facing problem on google drive playback, dropbox, whatever, but your question must intend to ‘‘Video playback problems on PC’’ etc. video, playback, that’s the basic keywords to look in, because such things belong to your software/hardware. unless you make a proper question to google, it won’t give you accurate results that you’re willing to have but not sure how to get them.

Good luck! :+1:

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which browser you are using

if you are using mozila open the drive in a private window instead of normal

browsers have a weird problem with multiple google accounts signed in at once

if you are using brave just look at the top right position on the address bar youll see brave shields icon
when you are on g drive click on the shield icon and select the 4th option

it would show cross site cookies blocked change it to all cookies allowed

now your drive should play all videos cheers…

when u open video and if it says error couldn’t preview file just click on 3 dots on top right and choose open in new window it work in any browser.