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How Google Drive Sharer Script Work ? (Yuudrive ,

Hey GeekPeeps , hope you utilizing this quarntine time properly .

And during this lockdown period ,i got some time actually some extra time and mean while i found this awesome script that is used by movies and tv series downloading sites from ages (maybe from 2014) its known as Google Drive Sharer Script ( Hoping this is correct term ) . Don’t Know its exact origin ( The First one ( Dev) Who think about it ) , But i am Sure he/she is from Indonesia ( cause most of the domains using this script right now is bought from there ).

Moving ahead , cauz i think that history and origin part doesn’t matter for most of the people visiting this article

So, i have explained working of this script and advantages of sharing google drive files through these google drive Sharer scripts .

Problems or Disadvantages of Sharing Files Directly as Google Drive Share Link

Without Google Drive File Sharer Script

  1. I am sure you have seen this quota exceeds limit , this happen when many users try to download the file in same time
  2. And also if you are sharing files which are violating policies of google , and if someone report through your shared file page , google can permanently block your account .

These are some problem , which may occur if you share Google drive file link directly in public .

Advantages of sharing google drive files through google drive sharer scripts over direct sharing

After using Google Drive File Sharer Script

  1. As when Some One try to download file you shared through making a sharer link the file will be copied to the Google drive of the users from your googlr drive , So there is no problem of Download Limit Exceeds
  2. And Also as you are not sharing direct link of file from google drive , So there are less chances of your account getting block .

and bleow i mention some sites using this type of sharer script .

Some Examples of Sites Using This Script-

  3. ( Not Working )

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You can also check the video about the Best Google drive sharer scripts



This script is awesome I personally use this to share files.

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