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How can i increase google colab disk space …pls help

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Try changing your notebook runtime type to [Python 3 / GPU] by going to “Runtime” > “Change runtime type”. Hope it helps!

how…where from i get python 3…i changed runtime but i got only 64 gb and 100 gb…pls help

can you give me the python3 file

I think disk space is limited to about 100GBs for a free user

Why do you need the space?
PM me I’ll try If I can help I had the same issue

while i was zipping files facing same issues because the file was about 107 GB and colab disk assigned was 77 GB so next time i checked everything and provided zip path into my drive but again colab was zipping into own disk rather than my drive :frowning:

u cannot…its fixed by google…u can only increase it by buying colab pro

Yeah. Colab is using it’s own space for downloading. After the completion, it will move those files into our GDrive.

How can I zip my files in colab? And is it possible to split a large file into small pieces? Thanks.

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