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As a Google Cloud Training Partner we provide the necessary skills to develop and operate infrastructures and applications in the Google Cloud.

With a seamless integration into the Qwiklabs platform, Fast Lane brings you hundreds of Google Cloud Hands-on Labs into our digital platform that include temporary credentials to actual cloud resources, so you can learn the cloud using the real thing.

For a limited promotional time period until December 31, 2021,

you can access the titles below free of charge with the following voucher: GCP-LABS

How It Works:

  • Take any course by visiting the above link and apply coupon at checkout to get it for free
  • Use this coupon code, GCP-LABS
  • If it says Check your coupon code then try with a different email id
  • All these courses are made with association with Google.
  • Signup to the site, then add course from the given link to the cart.
  • Apply coupon and buy the course at $0
  • No card details are required.
  • A user can redeem the given coupon 3 times only on one account.

Proof Of Coupon Working:

Extra Tip:

If you want more courses, To use it again, You must create another account with a different email id and use the coupon on the other 3 courses, that’s it.


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