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Google Ads Mastery | Shri Kanase

What is the Google Ads Mastery Course?

The Google Ads Mastery program is a course based upon my learnings of the past 3 years solely with Google Ads.

Not only does it showcase the ACTUAL Shopify store which did $1,500,000, but it also contains the extra strategies and techniques I used to get from doing a couple hundred $ per day to thousands per day with consistency.

What You Will Learn

  • Full Website Setup Optimized To Get Sales Via Google Ads

  • Complete Backend Setup (Apps, E-mail Flows, SMS Remarketing)

  • Product Selection Criteria For Merchant Center Approval

  • Multiple New & Working Product Selection Strategies

  • Step By Step Google Shopping Ads Setup

  • Search Ads Creation & Optimization From Scratch

  • Proven Scaling Techniques On Multiple Ad Platforms

  • Advanced Customer Service Setup


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Happy learning!